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About Our Brand

The wearables craze exploded in the 2010s. In 2011, Google developed the first prototype of what would become Google Glass. The tech giant sent test models to a select group in April 2013 and then released the device to the general public in May 2014. This led to numerous Wearable Eyewear Technology such as Meta 2, Holoens, Tobii Pro, etc. Fitbit has released a dozen wearable devices and became so successful that they filed their IPO for $358 million in 2015. Apple, the global king of technology, released the Apple Watch on April 24, 2015. The wearable story and growth continues with an estimated growth to 411 million smart devices, and a US$34 billion industry by 2020 (Forbes) since people are now realizing the benefits of the integration with pervasive technology.

Wear X (Extreme) specializes in Internet of things (IOT) and Wearable Clothing. Our mission is to create new, exciting and functional user experiences for our consumers by providing the highest quality Wearable Clothing. We have a roadmap of exciting fashionable technology which will unfold over time starting with our KickStarter backed Wear X Sports Jacket. The Jacket is integrated via Bluetooth to a phone application which will be able to automatically indicate by flashing on the jacket whether you are turning left or right or slowing down. This jacket is both sporty and futuristic in design and can be worn by enthusiast in cycling, skiing, snowboarding, motor cyclists, skateboarding, etc. All items are available with IOT options or as plain design for those who like the design and prints.

With our focus on Internet Of Things and we strongly believe in education and sharing information for the young and old, therefore we encourage our clients to include their friends and family to engage in creating their own IOT projects. To help them on their journey we have a range of electronic components and packages to help get them started. We hope to build a enjoyable community spirit and exchange of ideas, creating a fun and educational environment for all.  In 2018 there will be more fashionable technology coming your way. We have the pleasure to invite you to come along this journey with us, promoting the education and having fun on the Wearable Technology front.